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Technical Consultancy


We have created a global network of certified turbocharger workshops enabling us to support your operations with troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades and replacements. Pursuing the excellence performance of our services, we are continuously prepared to support your requirements in all our areas of responsibility.

Our technical consultancy services are provided by a highly qualified team which is always available to consult your operations worldwide at short notice. Our expert and certified marine engineers and specialists can support your mission to keep your turbochargers in excellent condition which leads to the overall performance of your engines. We ensure well maintained turbochargers with maximum fuel efficiency, preventing any unexpected operational costs.
Through our consulting, we are able to provide upgrade solutions up-to-date according to the latest technological standards, maximizing the performance and operational efficiency of your turbochargers.


In case of a damage of your turbocharger, we immediately assist you to evaluate the importance and the extent of damage, provide you all required guidance and support to make your turbocharger operational the soonest possible with high sense of responsibility. The prompt and professional evaluation of the damage is executed by our technical expert team.

A damage to turbochargers has a significant impact on the vessel’s ability to trade, can lead to high costly repairs, significant reductions in speed while at sea and can be a significant safety hazard. The consequences of a turbocharger damage are well known by ship-owners, ship managers as well as by underwriters. We guarantee to all of them that our qualified team proceed to the assessment of the damage and handle the entire process from damage assessment to permanent repairs directly and successfully.

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